Wondering Whether to Book That Log Cabin for a Weekend Getaway or a Vacation?

Why You Should Choose a B & B over a Hotel

If you are planning a full-on vacation or just a weekend getaway, you need to consider your options in terms of the place you are going to stay in. But before you start checking the rates of the hotels in the area you are going to travel to, try looking for a bed & breakfast. That’s right! Look for a place in which you can stay with people who know every little detail about the area. The experience you will get will be so much different than the one you will get when you choose to stay in a hotel. To give you a better idea, we have listed some of the main reasons why you should choose that log cabin you found over the local hotel.

One of the biggest pros of staying in a B & B is that you will most likely pay a lot less than you would for a hotel room.
If you decide to stay in a house with its owners, you will get a delicious homemade breakfast and not the typical continental style one. This is also a great way to try something traditional for the region.
Such a vacation house can provide you with some comforts that you may not find in a hotel. For instance, think about the times you were in a hotel and you wished for a free WiFi in your room, but you didn’t have. If you choose that alternative over a hotel, there is a high chance for you to have Internet connection and even a parking space. The hotel receptions also will most likely direct you to a kiosk with tourist brochures, but the owner of the house will tell you everything you want to know about the area. Typically, those people are from the area, so they will know what is worth seeing.
The coziness and the nice decorations are another great reason why you should choose a house. Since the owners of the place most likely haven’t bought everything all together and they had the freedom to decorate everything however they liked, every room will be unique. Also, since they won’t have as much guests as a hotel would, they will have to time to pay attention to the details and make your experience truly unforgettable.

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